“Rumpelstiltskin We Know Your Name” The Donut Drama Players

March 18 @ 10:00 AM

Tickets: $12 + processing fees

Includes donut & milk

The youngsters in the audience will be twitching their noses, making engine noises, bowing to the king, catching imaginary gold thread, and shouting out names, especially Rumpelstiltskin. Can the audience help save the day?

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“Til Death Do Us Part”

“Til Death Do Us Part”
Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
Directed by Josiah Miller
Doors open at 6:30 for seating
Tickets: $25 (+processing fees)

You are invited to the most off beat wedding of the season, where murder takes center stage and all the guests are suspects. Herb and Eula Lomax don’t really approve of their zookeeper son marrying Lotus Blossom, an horologist, because they think she’s after their money. Newton Figg doesn’t want Blossom to marry Leo because Newton’s still in love with her. Of course Newton’s new date, the bubble-headed Lulu, doesn’t catch on too quickly. Howard, the Lomax family lawyer, has a little something up his sleeve as well. It might involve the mysterious guest who calls herself Aunt Hildy.

Unfortunately, Aunt Hildy dies mysteriously before revealing whose aunt she really is! When the lawyer, Howard, is also murdered, amateur sleuth Miss Peabody, takes charge and conducts an investigation punctuated by the traditional wedding events such as the throwing of the bouquet, the cutting of the cake, and the happy couple’s first dance. But each moment brings Miss Peabody a step closer to the identity of a ruthless killer consumed by greed. Is it one of the bridesmaids? A suave tango instructor? The grandmother of the bride? The corny cousin from Big D? The Justice of the Peace? With the help of the audience, all but the killer (well, and the bodies) will live happily ever after.

The dinner for the night features
Salad, Lasagna, Breadsticks, and Wedding Cake!

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“The Lion King, Jr.”

Grades 5-12
Performances: April 28, 29, May 5 & 6 @ 7:00 PM
and April 30, May 7 @ 3:00 PM

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The Lion King JR. tells the story of the epic adventures of a curious cub named Simba as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destiny as a king. Along the way, the young lion encounters a colorful cast of characters, including spunky lioness Nala, charismatic meerkat Timon, and loveable warthog Pumbaa. To claim his rightful place on the throne and save his beloved Prodelands, Simba must find his inner strength and confront his wicked Uncle Scar. The Lion King JR. features classic songs from the 1994 film, such “Hakuna Matata” and the Academy Award®-winning “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” as well as additional songs penned for the Broadway production.
Tickets: Adults $14
Sr. Adults (65+) and Children (10 and under) $10

The Performing Arts Academy is a faith based organization providing music education, performance opportunities and appreciation for the performing arts.

Rumpelstiltskin We Know Your Name

March 18 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm