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Grades: 3-6
May 20 & 21 @ 7:00 PM May 22, @ 3:00 PM May 27 @ 7:00 PM
Tickets: $12 Adults  |  $10 Sr. Adults/Children (65+/10 )

Eager-to-wed Prince Nicholas narrates the story of a classic fairy tale kingdom anxious for his royal nuptials. But there’s a problem … overbearing Queen Minerva insists upon testing any girl who wants to marry her son, and not one is able to gain her approval. King Reginald loses his patience, the trusty Court Jester searches for the right bride, and an even-tempered chamber maid comforts her childhood friend, the Prince. Will Princess Cecily be up to the challenge? Or Griselda? Perhaps Princess Jillian can pass the big test.

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Summer Musical Theatre Camp

Join us for one of our great Summer Musical Theatre Camp’s this summer!

Stone Soup                 

Enrollment begins June 6

Entering Grades 1-3                           Tuition: $120

Rehearsals: MondayFriday, July 5-15, 9:00 AM -3:00 PM

Performances: July 15 & 16 @ 7:00 PM

When a group of weary travelers creates a delicious meal from some unexpected ingredients, the gloomy citizens of Old Town ask, “Who ever heard of soup from a stone?” Students learn that “the greatest gift is to share” with this character-building musical.

**Before and after care available for additional fees.

Disney’s “Mulan”                 

Entering Grades 4-7     Tuition: $150

Auditions: June 14, 5:30 PM

Rehearsals: MondayFriday, July 11-29, 9:00 – 3:00 PM

Performances: July 29 & 30 @ 7:00 PM and July 31 @ 3:00 PM

Defying the village matchmaker, Mulan takes up arms and  disguises as a boy in order to spare her father from having to serve in the army to save the Emperor!  Mulan  is a heartwarming celebration of culture,  honor, and the fighting spirit.

**Before and after care available for additional fees.


Summer Musical Theatre

Guys and Dolls
Grades 7-12
Tuition: $180
Auditions: April 9th at 10am or April 10th at 2pm
Rehearsals: April 18, 25, May 2, 9 @ 5pm – 7:30pm
April 23, 30, May 7, 14@ 1pm – 3pm
May 16-19, 23-26 @ 5pm – 7:30pm
May 31 – June 3, June 6-10 @ 1:30-5:30pm
June 13-16 @ 1:30 – TBA
Performances: June 17 & 18 @ 7 and June 19 @ 3

Set in Damon Runyon’s mythical New York City, Guys And Dolls is an oddball romantic comedy and takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of NYC, but eventually everyone ends up right where they belong.

Summer Musical Theatre Camp
“Stone Soup”
Enrollment begins June 6
Grades 1-3
Tuition: $120
Rehearsals: Monday – Friday, July 5-15, 9am – 3pm
Performances: July 15 & 16 at 7pm
**Before and after care available for additional fee

Summer Musical Theatre Camp
Disney’s “Mulan”

Grades 3-7
Tuition: $150
Auditions: June 14, 5:30pm
Rehearsals: Monday-Friday, July 11-29, 9pm to 3pm
Performances: July 29-20 @ 7pm ; July 31st @ 3pm
Before and after care available for additional fees.

The Performing Arts Academy is a faith based organization providing music education, performance opportunities and appreciation for the performing arts.