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Dance Classes


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Dance Class Descriptions

Creative Movement will be a fun time for little ones to stretch, wiggle and dance!  The basics of ballet and contemporary dance will be taught along with some fun dance games and the use of props.  We will explore the space while learning vocabulary and new ways to express yourself!  Comfortable clothing, leotard, tights, skirt or a tutu is fine for this class! Ballet shoes are suggested but bare feet are fine.  Hair up and out of the face is best for young dancers.

Ballet is one of the oldest and most beautiful forms of dance.  The ability to be flexible and strong while being graceful and balanced is a great skill to learn.  There is a whole new language to learn through ballet and in this class we will focus on proper technique and how to move like a ballet dancer.  Leotard, tights and ballet shoes should be worn for this class.  Boys should have a fitted t-shirt, ballet shoes and boys dance tights. Hair should be in a bun for girls and up and out of the face.

Get ready to learn some Jazz and Modern dance in this class!  We will start by stretching and strengthening those muscles then start to move.  Jazz is fun, energetic, theatrical and upbeat while Modern is grounded, abstract, unique and expressive.  Learning both of these dance techniques can be very beneficial to young kids.  Through combinations and improvisation the students will have a chance to learn new terminology, get exercise and build confidence through dance!  Comfortable, fitted clothing is fine for this class with hair up and out of the face.  Jazz shoes should be worn for jazz and bare feet are perfect for modern dance!

*Ballet & Contemporary Combination classes will rotate styles each week.  Dancers can dress accordingly each class.  The first class of each session will be Contemporary Dance.

Tap Dance was invented on the sidewalks, studios and theaters of the USA and is known as the truly American dance form.  Tap has both a visual and aural dimension.  Students learn how to craft rhythm and carry that rhythm with coordinated movements which train and strengthen the whole body.  Tap dance develops the musical ear and improves the ability of students to concentrate upon, hear, retain and reproduce both musical and language patterns both in and out of dance class.  All students will be introduced to classic tap technique and combinations in a lively, encouraging atmosphere.  Some of our younger dancers will use basic percussion instruments (i.e. shakers, rhythm sticks and other props) for “rhythm work;” which is a playful, expressive time of inventing and playing rhythm games. Tap dance is body friendly and can be learned quickly by adults of all ages. Comfortable, fitted dance clothing of any kind is fine for all tap classes with hair up and out of the face. Tap shoes are required for class.  Dancers may wear whatever style they are comfortable with, though we request black shoes for performance opportunities that may arise.

Have you danced for years?  Have you always wanted to take a dance class but never have?  Both are welcome here!  All teachers have new ways to teach dance.  Come try my class to review or try something new!  Each week we will learn a different form of dance and rotate through the session.  Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Line Dancing will be taught.  Ballet is beautiful but challenging, Modern is relaxing and expressive, Jazz is quick and fun, and Line Dancing is a great work out and a chance to learn choreography!  All great ways to move, laugh, work up a sweat and have an hour for YOU!  Hope to see you there!  Comfortable clothing can be worn for all styles of dance for this class.  Ballet or Jazz shoes are great for these styles while bare feet or tennis shoes work well for Modern and Line Dancing.

Winter Dance Schedule

The Performing Arts Academy is registering for Fall Dance Classes
with instructors Mara Andriacco and Hannah Colvin.

Classes offered are Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Tap Dance for all ages. 

Session 2 begins January 8
Dance Performance April 7 at 6:30 PM
*fee includes dance performance costume

All Classes Taught by Mara Andriacco
Ages 8-10 | 4:30pm – 5:15pm
Ballet & Contemporary Dance | Tuition: $135

Ages 3 & 4 | 5:30pm – 6:00pm
Creative Movement | Tuition: $125

Ages 5-7 | 6:15pm  – 7:00pm
Ballet & Contemporary Dance | Tuition: $135

Adult Dance Class | 7:15pm – 8:15pm
Ballet/Contemporary/Line Dancing | Tuition: $10 per class attended

All Classes Taught by Mara Andriacco
Ages 11-13 | 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Ballet & Contemporary Dance | Tuition: $170

Ages 14-18 | 7:40pm – 8:45pm
Ballet & Contemporary Dance | Tuition: $170

All Classes Taught by Hannah Colvin
Ages 3-6 | 5:00pm – 5:30pm
Tap Dance | Tuition: $135

Ages 7-13 | 6:00pm – 6:45pm
Tap Dance | Tuition: $120

Teen/Adult | 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Tap Dance | Tuition: $10 per class attended

All Classes Taught by Mara Andriacco
Ages 5-11 | 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Boys only Contemporary Dance  | Tuition: $170

Ages 12-18 | 7:40pm – 8:45pm
Boys only Contemporary Dance | Tuition: $170