Support the Arts

Your support of the Performing Arts Academy will help us serve and strengthen the community in a variety of ways.

  • Serve as a popular venue for community events.

  • Partner with area businesses to bring the best in the performing arts to the region.

  • Collaborate with traveling and guest artists to conduct workshops, teaching seminars, and master classes.

  • Engage technical experts to work with our students on backstage skill sets — lighting, sound, costuming, set design and construction — to inspire and prepare them for careers in these fields.

  • Capture opportunities to establish our own dance instruction facility which will allow our students the competitive edge when applying and auditioning for college and professional theatre.
The Performing Arts Academy is an asset to the community as well as a part of economic development, as it attracts families and students from a 30 mile radius. A diverse population in the region looks forward to the performances by the PPA students.